Joanna Volpe

Joanna Volpe

President and Literary Agent

Joanna represents all brands of fiction (commercial, literary and genre) and has an affinity for stories that feature nuanced characters and complex relationship dynamics. She is currently on the lookout for stories with rich settings, diverse and unique perspectives, and she has a soft spot for speculative and/or fantastical elements. She’s personally not the kind of reader that needs a romance in her novels, though she does appreciate a good one.

On the non-fiction side her tastes are much more specific.  In adult non-fiction she tends toward all things geek-related, foodie books, travel books, general pop-culture, pop-science and narrative non-fiction featuring interesting and powerful women. For children’s books she looks for topics that captivate kids: biographies (particularly untold stories), animal-related stories, all sciences, tech, history, etc. Joanna also enjoys morbid, weird or offbeat topics.

For more info on her clients, recent sales and forthcoming projects, please go here.

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