Alaina Mauro

Alaina Mauro

Chief Operating Officer

Alaina’s professional journey unfolded within the realm of literature, commencing at Penguin/Penguin Random House, where she dedicated over 12 years to various roles amidst dynamic changes. Throughout her tenure, she cultivated a profound affection for books and an unwavering commitment to connecting literary works with readers. Building upon her valuable experiences, she ventured into the position of Associate Director for the James Patterson program, assuming responsibility for both Adult and Kids titles. Demonstrating her versatility, Alaina later assumed the role of Publisher at Granity Studios, Kobe Bryant’s esteemed content creation studio, specializing in captivating Middle Grade and Young Adult sports fantasy novels.

Following the conclusion of her tenure at Granity Studios, Alaina has been providing consultative services to publishers and agencies, empowering them to establish and thrive in their endeavors. At New Leaf, she currently presides over the day-to-day operations while spearheading the realization of the agency’s long-term strategic objectives. A devoted aficionado of romance literature, Alaina joyfully engages in conversations with anyone who shares her passion, eager to discuss genre, authors, titles, and tropes. Beyond her literary pursuits, she finds solace in leisurely strolls around Brooklyn, effortlessly befriending strangers, and showcasing her vocal prowess through spirited karaoke sessions at Montero’s. Notably, Alaina possesses a unique talent for deciphering the finest selections on any restaurant menu, an invaluable superpower she consistently wields to enhance dining experiences.

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