Christine Riccio

Christine Riccio

Story enthusiast, Christine Riccio’s been on a quest to encourage more humans to read since third grade. No one really listened until she started making videos about books on Youtube back in 2010. Now her channel PolandbananasBOOKS has over 371,000 book-loving subscribers. She makes comedic book reviews, vlogs, sketches, and now writing videos because she’s written her own novel. In 2014 she formed a YouTube book club with two other BookTubers called BOOKSPLOSION. She and her co-hosts encourage viewers to read a book along with them every month and take part in an online live show discussion. These past four years Christine’s been collaborating with publishing companies and authors to help promote new releases; and traveling to cons across the United States to speak on book related panels to further spread the reading love. She graduated from Boston University in 2012 with a degree in Film and TV and now lives in Los Angeles, CA.

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