Innovation Partners

In addition to our work with individual creators, New Leaf Literary & Media works with companies and organizations of many stripes to strategize growth plans, open new markets, and bring all of our powerful resources to bear to execute the visions of our Innovation Partners, wherever that may lead.


CAKE Literary is a media and content company based in New York City dedicated to diverse concepts for kidlit, middle grade, teen, and women’s fiction readers across various platforms including book, film, and television.

The company was co-founded by celebrity journalist and author Sona Charaipotra and librarian and author Dhonielle Clayton to focus on the kinds of stories they wished were on the shelves – stories that come in all flavors. CAKE believes that crafting a good read is like baking a great cake – rich, decadent flavor with a healthy dose of heart.


KNIGHTS OF is an inclusive publisher focused on ensuring the most inclusive team possible, from across backgrounds and communities, work on every book. The team works with retailers to make bookshops approachable to communities and families who do not regularly visit, supporting events, outreach, marketing and partnerships. In areas without bookshops, engagement is focused on non-traditional community spaces as well as schools, libraries and youth groups. Working with agents across the industry we are finding new ways to invite writers and illustrators to the industry. Providing as flat a structure as possible KNIGHTS OF aims to lower the barriers to entry for those looking to make books and share their stories. It is not a new model of publishing, just a more open one.

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