John Barker

John Barker

John is Managing Director of All The Right Movies. With a BA degree in Film And Media Studies and experience and skills in podcasting, marketing, video editing, audio editing, writing, design, project management, business development and more, John drives the business creatively and strategically.

John has always had an eye for the creative and, professionally, has been a designer, digital developer, and project director. He has a broad range of qualifications across those disciplines and, with it, an ability to think through and implement plans, strategies and processes effectively.

When John isn’t talking about movies, he also has a love of music. He has a passion for much classic pop and rock music from the 1940s-present (The Rolling Stones, Motown, Bob Dylan among many others), and plays guitar and composes in his spare time. He also has a love of reading, with an interest in everything from classic literature (Richard Matheson being a particular favourite) to graphic novels (Alan Moore). Sport is also a passion, and John has always had a fairly unhealthy obsession with football (the British kind), tennis, and athletics.

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