Stephanie K. Wright

Stephanie K. Wright

Stephanie has spent her life spellbound by words. She started writing poetry as a pre-teen (so much angst), majored in English and dropped into the work world as a cub reporter. Eventually, Stephanie moved into marketing and has given voice to products and services from mountain resorts for the one percent to beef jerky and baseball for everyone else.

Stephanie has now turned her eye, and her laptop, to American politics – dedicating time to social justice advocacy.

She is also happily immersed in all things dog as a volunteer at Seattle Humane and as one half of a dog therapy team at a major medical center.

Stephanie reviles cilantro and daylight savings time but has a soft spot for bravery, octopus, rain, and baking. Especially baking when it’s raining.

Stephanie lives in Seattle with her effervescent pitbull/boxer mix Hedy and her too-happy-to-be-a-respectable-cat, Hubble.

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