Sig Unander

Sig Unander

Sig Unander is a writer, historian, and public speaker who tells compelling stories of courage, hope and purpose.

A native of Portland, Oregon, he began his career working in broadcast and print journalism at media outlets in Oregon, New Mexico, Minnesota and Atlanta, Georgia and as a freelance newspaper and magazine writer. Returning to Portland, he helped launch the annual Oregon International Airshow, founded a successful fine art sales and publishing firm and edited Latino Perspective, a regional magazine serving the Hispanic market. Later he worked as English Editor for Noticias Latinas newspaper and as public relations manager for Latin Media Northwest, a Spanish-language publications company. Following those positions he signed on with Eravision Films of Los Angeles, working as historian and script editor on groundbreaking films including The Forgotten Eagles, a World War II documentary narrated by Edward James Olmos.

Unander currently owns Presentations That Inspire, a writing, speaking and communications consulting business in the Portland metro area. Known for meticulous research, writing, editing and popular public presentations, he works with businesses, museums, nonprofits, community centers, libraries, writers, artists and filmmakers.

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