Peter McCleery

Peter McCleery

Like all writers, Peter McCleery lurks in the darkest recesses of his mind, plumbing the depths of existential despair for the sake of his literary craft. Just kidding! He’s usually at a coffee shop writing funny books for kids. An Americano, if you’re buying.

Peter is the author of the Bob and Joss series of children’s books from HarperCollins, BOB AND JOSS GET LOST! and BOB AND JOSS TAKE A HIKE!. He was author of the month for Highlights Magazine and has written for grownups at the McSweeney’s humor website. Before dedicating himself to writing for kids he studied architecture, was a sculptor and installation artist, and an award-winning advertising copywriter. Originally from Massachusetts, he now makes his home in Portland, OR with his wife and two boys.

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