Leanne Sowul

Leanne Sowul

Leanne Sowul faced a difficult decision when choosing her college course of study: history or music? Though she’d won her graduating class’s award for outstanding achievement in history, she felt called toward the performing arts. While getting her music education degree, Leanne learned how to play every instrument in the band (but don’t ask her about tuba). Now a band director in a New York public school celebrated for its music program, Leanne has conducted nearly 150 student performances to date and participated in countless more.

Although she found all of this music-making fulfilling, Leanne found she missed the research and study of history, sociology, and human behavior. She united this yearning with a lifelong love of writing, and began working on a historical novel. Leanne is passionate about portraying historical events through multiple perspectives, and intends for this to be a hallmark of her fiction work in both present and future.

Leanne has previously written short fiction that has been most recently published by Confrontation literary magazine. She writes the column “Be Well, Write Well” for DIY MFA, and captains her own website for readers and writers, Words From The Sowul. She lives with her family and two overly affectionate cats in the Hudson Valley region of New York.

WAIST is Leanne’s first book.

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