Katla McGlynn

Katla McGlynn

Katla McGlynn is a freelance writer, editor and comedy journalist based in Brooklyn, NY. She currently contributes to Vanity Fair, Vulture, Salon, Paste, Refinery29 andSplitsider.com, among other sites and publications, with a strong focus on comedians and trends in the comedy industry. As the former Senior Comedy Editor at The Huffington Post, she kept her finger on the pulse on the comedy industry for over five years of daily coverage, and conducted written and video interviews with comedians like John Oliver, Jerry Seinfeld, Key & Peele, David Cross and Tig Notaro. While there she also created and hosted the comedy podcast “Too Long; Didn’t Listen,” and two comedy web series, “Stallin’ With Dave Hill” in 2012 and “The War On Christmas” in 2014. A frequent podcast and panel guest, Katla has contributed her comedy expertise to Sirius XM, TruTV, The NYC Podfest and Austin’s South By Southwestfestival. She originally hails from Catskill, NY.

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