Errica Bailey

Errica Bailey

Contracts Junior Associate

Hailing from Detroit and easily mistaken for a native New Yorker, Errica is an authentic foodie who’s first love was a good book.

Distracted by a need to understand people, she first obtained a BA in Psychology only to realize that books would be a better professional fit. She began a Master’s program for Publishing at Pace university. Juggling work and volunteering at community bookstore Word-Up with internships in writing publicity and editorial, landed her at SkyHorse Publishing.

From there, she joined Hachette Book Group in contracts before, out of admiration for the list and clients, finding her way to New Leaf.  Errica continues to promote reading love by mentoring in the Read Ahead program. When she isn’t scouting her next food-must-have or making travel wish lists, she can be found adoring her pooch Patrick, testing her award-winning pie baking skills, looking for a trivia fix or reading a book.

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