Cassandra Newbould

Cassandra Newbould

Cassandra Newbould is the creator and host of the Fat Like Me podcast and community. Fat Like Me is a show where Cass chats all things fat with authors, entertainers, and activists about life, the arts, and why we desperately need more body diversity in kidlit today. As a writer of MG and YA, Cassandra creates stories where kids of all sizes can see themselves featured as the main character and not just the funny fat friend.

When Cassandra isn’t picking the brains and hearts of others, you can find her in the wilds of the Pacific Northwest trying to keep her massive newfypoo dogs away from the baby owls and fawns that keep showing up on her property (you never know when one of the owls might have *that* letter), or possibly learning how to not just grow veggies, but also how to keep them alive with her husband, 3 kids, of the human variety (for now), and 2 cats.

Fat Like Me podcast can be found on all of your favorite podcast platforms and you can follow the show and her at @FatLikeMePod and @CassNwrites on Twitter, fatlikemepodcast on IG, and her upcoming website If your looking for a safe space full of likeminded artistic fat people to discuss pretty much anything feel free to join the Fat Like Me community group on Facebook.

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