Bruce Wolk

Bruce Wolk

Bruce H. Wolk grew up on Long Island and among his earliest memories were fishing, clamming and crabbing in the Great South Bay. It was not surprising that he would become a Marine Biologist earning B.S. and M.S. degrees and being awarded two research grants.

Despite the scientific career path, his soul was never nurtured by it. Paralleling his biology pursuits was his love of writing. As he was observing barnacles, fish and seaweed, he was taking coursework in fiction and non-fiction writing and submitting freelance articles to a wide range of newspapers and magazines.

Rather than the early biology training proving to be a hindrance, the countless hours spent in research was invaluable for the focus it brought to his nonfiction book projects.

Bruce makes his home in Denver, Colorado. His hobbies include heirloom vegetable gardening, fitness, history, cooking, anything related to Japan and the Buffalo Bills.

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